Voice and data cabling System


Network cabling system transports all the important information of your organization, from one device to another, within a specific environment. Today, networks are designed to carry large amounts of information at very high speeds. As a result, the proper installation, required staff, excellent quality of cable and testing procedures have become much more decisive in data wiring than in voice. Voice and data cabling design and installation is held using various kinds of cable like Cat-3, Cat-5E, Cat-6, Cat-6A, Coaxial and Fiber Optic cabling, for data centers, offices, retail and commercial stores and provide a very high speed internet and intranet capacity. Today, many building cabling systems are incorporated with voice, data, paging, security and operation controls.


Cabling system works properly including some technical aspects like Network Interface Cards (NICs), hubs, bridges, routers, switches, optical fibers, Ethernet connection, Wireless LAN and power communication, by which many complex tasks are carried away. Some advantages of installing voice and data cabling system are as follows:


  • Suitable for any size company, from slighter agencies to large high and expensive industries, warehouses or housing complex.


  • It is a cost effective method.


  • Flexible and scalable.


  • Both information transmission and management by voice and data cable.


  • Synchronized network services with jack installation, telephone system cabling, upgrades and some other specific features.


  • Quickly change place and spread out business procedures for significant telephone and computer operations.


  • Frequently and easily removable and reinstalled.


  • Without disturbing business and work flow, easily adjustable to network infrastructure changes.


Millions of dollars are wasted every year due to inappropriate design and installation of voice and data cabling. Most of the system troubles are directly or indirectly linked to the performance of the cabling system. So, for the purpose of design and installation of cabling system, an expert help is needed. phone techs


Phone techs give you an expertise solution for the design and installation purpose. We can tackle with any connectivity issue and try to upgrade and optimize your network and you can save time for your business strategy. The services we offer are:


  • Voice and data cabling design and installation for your company.


  • Cabinets, racks and overhead ladder racks installation for server rooms and in MDF/IDF’s.


  • Appraisal for wired, wireless and RF.


  • Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC), managing repairs, refits, and tears out the cabling system.


  • Troubleshooting and repair of connectivity issues with Ethernet and dial tone.


  • Installing and extending PRI, Dmarc, T1 circuits, 56k circuits, DSL circuits, etc. phone techs.


  • Provide separate secure Wi-Fi access point for both customers and employees.



  • Multi site deployments.


  • Analysis existing cabling system.

Critical network communication systems can be difficult to design and install. Experienced professionals from Phone Techs present the expertise basics with a variety of choices. We also provide services like CCTV and Surveillance, Point of Sale Systems, Digital Signage and Boards, Audio Visual Installation. For further details check our website Find Phone Techs.